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Attention all procrastinators: This–today, January 4–is your last chance to register for LimmudNY and apply for scholarship funds, which are still available. Regular registration is open through next Wednesday, January 9, but if you can’t afford the full price, today is your day to get thee to their website and register.
Still not convinced? Here are some of the things that I am excited about at LimmudNY 2008 (in alphabetical order by presenter’s last name):

  • Rahel Berkovits teaching her grandfather, Eliezer Berkovits‘s, Torah (“Torat Hayyim—A Living Torah: Women’s Status Today: The Philosophy of Rabbi Eliezer Berkovits”)
  • Sissy Block on “How to Make a Living Doing What You Love”
  • Nikolai “Kolya” Borodulin on “Jews and drinking in Yiddish film, folklore and song”
  • Coolooloosh in concert
  • Shaul Farber (a.k.a. Seth Farber) on “New Halachot (Jewish Laws) Emerging from Israel: Is modernity influencing the rabbinate?” (Note that I’m not a huge fan of the title of this session, but I think he’ll say interesting things.)
  • Avi Fox-Rosen in concert (“Ear Candy For the Over-Educated”)
  • Aaron Freeman doing anything. I’ve been a fan since I discovered his Comic Torah blog over a year ago.
  • Daniel Goldfarb on “”May We Pray For a Loved One to Die?
  • Ethan Isenberg showing his film, Lonely Man of Faith, which I have been trying to see for close to a year
  • Shlomit Naor on “‘It Took Me 20 Years To Love This Place’: A reading and discussion of the work of Israeli poets”
  • Ethan Tucker on “Gender and Prayer”
  • Finally, on Sunday night, “Limmud NY’s Tu B’shvat Spectacular” with Noam Dolgin, Avi Fox-Rosen, Marcus J. Freed, Ilan Glazer, Alan Morinis, and Nigel Savage

Hope to see you there!