As usual, Failed Messiah has scooped an interesting tidbit on Rubashkin. Seems that a few days ago, NLRB heard an appeal from Rubashkin and found against them that if one’s employees vote to unionize, one cannot claim that undocumented aliens are prohibited from unionizing because they do not qualify as “employees” protected by the National Labor Relations Act, and thus refuse to bargain with them or recognize the vote.
Since the NLRB under the recent administrations has acted more and more partisanly – i.e. finding almost uniformly against labor, or handing out slaps on the wrists so light the companies have to scratch after because the contact tickles, I can only say, the case must have been unbelievably chutzpadik, which a few words from Circuit Judge Tatel seems to confirm, “Because the company’s argument ignores both the Act’s plain language and binding Supreme Court precedent, we deny its petition for review.…”
See FM for more: good work, dude!
Every day in every way, Rubashkin finds new ways to improve! Congrats on your award for Worst Ongoing Scandal; it’s nothing if not well deserved!