There’s been ruckus over a facebook decision recently to label the settlements over the green line as being in “Palestine.”
The J Post:

Ma’aleh Adumim resident Julian Czarny woke up recently to discover that he lived in “Palestine” – at least according to the popular Internet social networking site Facebook.
Facebook no longer allows members from Ma’aleh Adumim, Ariel, Betar Illit and other settlements over the Green Line to list their hometowns as situated in Israel, but instead provides only a preset location, with their country listed as “Palestine.”
“Someone at Facebook is simply prejudging whatever may or may not come about in future negotiations,” said Czarny. “Who exactly decided on this computerized transfer of over a quarter-million Jews from Israel to Palestine?”

Whether or not I agree with the decision, I find it fascinating the way folks’ on-line lives intersect with off-line world.
Also, here’s the facebook group.
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