tam.jpgI am not blogging this New York Times piece so that you will read the article, although the shortage of Tam Tam crackers is certainly a crisis that will destroy us all. I’m blogging it because the comments are totally hilarious and worthwhile! My personal highlight was posted by one Dan Stackhouse:

Look, if you’re one of the folk who have softened their ideology a bit, putting an orange on the Bima platter and all that, then here’s your solution.
Eat triscuits instead. The new flavors are really quite good, I particularly like the rosemary & oil and roasted garlic flavors.
Yes they’re not kosher, but since YHWH is all-knowing and all-understanding, it will know that tam tams are off the shelves and understand that it’s not really a slap in its face for you to eat triscuits.

Get in there!!
It’s ‘Hide the Matzo,’ for Real: Where Are the Tam Tams?