I got this e-mail from a good fried of mine this morning. Tyson Herberger is a well-travelled, multilingual, Orthodox Jew. He’s married, lives in Jerusalem, and is pretty hard to pin down politically. You must read

Some of you may already now from reading the morning papers, but I am under house arrest for being a journalist.
Earlier this week Israel’s communications ministry and israeli police raided the Jerusalem studios of the radio station I work at. They seized all of the equipment in the studio itself, though left the rest of the offices intact. Everyone present at the time of the raid was taken into police custody for questioning. They released the secreatary after about 7 or 8 hours, and took the other 7 of us to
jail for the night as we were being detained.

The next day we went to court and were given a week of house arrest and are not allowed to speak to anyone from the station or its parent companies for 15 days. As far as I know the station is completely legal, the Israeli government has given us work visas and press accreditation to work at
the station. Israeli government officials and politicians routinely give us interviews both on the phone and in person – including their visiting our studios (Palestinians do as well, though that doesn’t do much to prove our Israeli legitimacy).
. . .
google search it if you want more – its been all over Israeli and world media, so I’m sure you’ll find something. Feel free to pass it on to any one you think may want to hear – including media. (Perhaps particularly in michigan as a UM graduate, Traverse City native is involved in the story – just make sure they spell my name correctly and not as its spelled below. I’m also happy to provide other sources for anyone doing the story.)