Yes, those scare quotes are there for a reason.
B’tselem has begun a program called “Shooting Back” in which they have given out about 100 video cameras to Palestinians over the past year so that when settlers attack them, they can show footage of the attack, instead of just giving a statement to the Israeli police or army.
According to the BBC news,

“The difference is amazing,” says Oren Yakobovich, who leads the Shooting Back project.
“When they have the camera, they have proof that something happened. They now have something they can work with, to use as a weapon.”
We asked a spokesman from the Susia settlement for a comment on Sunday’s incident. He declined.

This video is being claimed by the BBC to be footage from an elderly shepherd and his wife of four masked men who are beating them for grazing their animals near a settlement (Susia).
I hope that this tool will offer a non-violent way for what’s going on to be brought out into the open and taken seriously. Of course, I know that naysayers will claim that it’s staged, or payback, or heaven knows what, but there’s enough evidence out there that, hopefully, we will start to see the necessity to stop denying the truth: that the violence of the settlers is a problem unchecked and vile.