Self promotion alert (and no – it does not involve the selling of anything apart from Torah). As some of you already know, I launched two weeks ago for Simchat Torah. Sadly this website was down and I couldn’t let ya’ll know. I hope you’ll go check out our cartoons for parshas Bereshit and Noah while you’re foolin around, I mean, learning on the innertubes.
Each episode is wildly different and this week’s is a music video sung through Sarah’s point of view, courtesy of the wonderful duo Stereo Sinai of Chicago. They wrote this Lech Lecha song on a G-dcast commission, and we can’t get it out of our heads!

If you like this, I hope you’ll pass it along to a teacher, Hillel rabbi, or teen near you. We have teacher’s guides up on the website, thanks to Matthue Roth, and all the animation is done by the amazing Nick Fox-Gieg.