For the times, they are a-changin’.  Obama Schmobama, here’s some more change for you reported in Ha’aretz.
Ismail Hanyieh, yeah, that Ismail Hanyieh, the leader of Hamas has announced Saturday that the organization will accept a Palestinian state within the 1967 borders.  Uhm, what now?  Come again?

11 European parliamentarians sailed from Cyprus to Gaza and met with Haniyeh, in a meeting with them he stated that he had made the proposal to Israel, which it rejected.  According to the report, “Clare Short, who served in the cabinet of former British prime minister Tony Blair, asked Haniyeh to repeat his offer.”
A week or so before the election Al Qaeda and Hamas both issued endorsements to the campaign.  Al Qaeda, which endorsed Bush in ’04, told its supporters via websites that it was hoping for a McCain victory–clearly this would aid recruitment efforts.  Hamas, on the other hand, issued its message that it was hoping for an Obama victory.  When I heard this, I said to people that this meant something very significant, it seems that Al Qaeda is planning for war and Hamas is planning for peace.
When asked about ties with Iran and the belief that both Iran and Hamas seek to destroy Israel and Jews, Haniyeh said, “Our ties with Iran are like those with other Muslim states. Does a besieged people that is waiting breathlessly for a ship to come from the sea want to throw the Jews into the ocean? Our conflict is not with the Jews, our problem is with the occupation.”

I have no illusions , I’m not particularly supportive of Mr. Obama’s politics and policies, per se.  But I find it riveting that there is a wave of happiness fanning across the globe.  I’ve seen images and videos of people dancing around the world, Iran has diplomatically reached out its hand in what may be the first significant manner since 1979.  the NYT has a piece with highlights from Arab blogs, people are excited.
This news from Hamas is huge, and, well, exciting.  I assume this will have a big effect on the upcoming Israeli elections.  Obama sits in the Oval Office a few weeks before the next Israeli PM is elected.  With Hamas’ recent about-face, this postures Hamas in a place to make significant claim towards authority in the West Bank.  It will be very interesting to see what happens in Hamas makes a gesture towards Mr. Obama.