As chillul Who mentioned, Mobius proposed a third-option rally and with friends got the permit to do so!

pro-peaceProtest in favor of Israeli-Palestinian Peace:
Oppose violence and hatred on both sides

Sunday, January 11th at 11 am – 2 pm
Second Avenue between 41st and 42nd Streets
Mobius’ post and the Facebook notice for more details
Jewschool prefers to speak a cacophony rather than in one voice — we have incredibly intelligent and still progressive dissenting voices here too. Which, incidentally, is how we believe the Jewish community should be understood, not through self-appointed communal spokespersons but by the grassroots and for our full diversity.
Yet we’re co-sponsoring this Pro-Ceasefire rally because we do support against-the-grain, bottom-up movements of Jews engaging the pressing issues of our community. As progressive Jews, we’re not satisfied with the empty claims from the both camps that peace will come by “fucking for virginity” as it were. And we’re against the rhetoric of genocide and hilterian comparisons. Neither side is respectible, their policy recommendations are not responsible.
And a final note: I don’t believe in protests. But I’m going to be there.
I don’t believe that an NYC counter-counter rally will change the way our government will handle the crisis. That’s what advocacy is for. But dammit, some people cannot even see the vapid dichotomy in which they’re stuck. Maybe I’m reaching to think that 100+ people will spark confusion and revelation amongst individuals in two frothing moshpits of Jews or Palestinians aggitating for each others’ subjugation. But call me a dreamer.
Is there an alternative, third-option protest in your city? Put in the comments.