Yonah Lavery up in Toronto has created a whole series of comix based on (and generally pretty faithful to) Tractate Brachot.
She’s got a bunch of the better-known stories, like when Bruria gives R. Meir the smackdown for praying for the wrong thing and R. Elezar Ben Azaria’s election to head of the Sanhedrin and God’s tefillin, but also some of the, uh, quirkier moments in the tractate, like some of the business with rooster cursings and (a personal favorite) the recipe for seeing demons that involves cat placenta. Also, I love this illustration alluding to the death of Bruria.
It’s pretty awesome. Go check it out here.
(ETA: There’s some great miscellany on the site, too, like this amazing portrait of Kafka. Go root around.)