The world’s rich and powerful are gathered for another World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland–the military fortified ski resort which has hosted its annual forum for many years. This year there was a panel discussion on Gaza moderated by Washington Post reporter David Ignatius. It featured UN Sec. Gen. Ban Ki Moon, PM of Turkey, head of the Arab League and Shimon Peres. Here is a full video of the debate. At the end, the PM of Turkey attempts to respond to Peres’ impassioned speech only to be cut off by the moderator, at which point he storms off the stage and declares he will not return to Davos. Yay diplomatic childishness. It’s also amusing to see how Peres does not clap for the gentlemen from Turkey or the Arab League, and they do not clap for him. This video highlights that Arabs and Israelis are often speaking different languages (figuratively) when it comes to the conflict.