Newsweek has published a list of 50 influential rabbis. And, like last year, it’s very geographically skewed and gender-biased. And, like last year, it doesn’t take much to notice the errors in the article. You’d think with all the noise that was made last year, with all of the letters to the editors of Newsweek, they would have listened to some of the suggestions. Like taking a moment to do a quick google search for those top 50, to make sure that their mini-bios are correct (so many are not accurate). Or going outside of three cities (LA, DC, NYC). Or picking rabbis that the majority of Americans might actually have heard of. Or recognising that female rabbis account for more than the 12% of spots they’re allotted in this list. [HT: The Rooftopper Rav.] Let’s make a game of this. How many errors can Jewschool readers find? Let the commenting begin!
Are there other rabbis you would have wanted to see on this list? Who are they, and why are they important to you, and the greater community/ies?
And, all snarks aside, let’s welcome rabbis Jill Jacobs, Elie Kaunfer, and Ellen Weinberg Dreyfus to the top 50. Congratulations.