I don’t know why I never thought about using a matzah as a delivery system for houmous before!
I looked in my fridge today and saw a mostly-uneaten tub of houmous. Then I looked on my shelf and saw the boxes of matzah I’ve been dreading beginning to dig into. And then it hit me.
First of all, matzah, as it turns out, it pretty much the perfect delivery system for the perfection that is good houmous. Matzah, having no flavor of its own whatsoever, does not detract from the divine flavor of the houmous. Yet, it manages to add a satisfying crunch to each gooey moutful.
But, here’s where this snack gets interesting. When it comes to food, matzah is the symbol par excellence of our freedom for Egypt. And when it comes to food, houmous is the best symbol of our modern national freedom in the State of Israel!
So–Voila!–matzah and houmous is the perfect Passover combo for the culinarily and pedagogically minded Zionist!
SURGEON GENERAL’S WARNING: Eat only with tongue tucked firmly in cheek.