Jewlicious alerted the world today to the latest expansion area for the Worldwide Jewish Conspiracy–Summer music festivals. Apparently, the Shabbat Tent team has actually been at this for years, but I’d never heard of it until Jewlicious mentioned an upcoming Shabbat Tent at the Wakarusa Music Fesitval, which will feature Matisyahu.
The basic concept is simple. Set up abig tent at a music festival on Shabbat and let them come. Jews, goyim, whoever. Services are organized, kiddush is made, people hang out, etc. Sounds like a good time to me! It reminds me a little of the stories you hear about Carlebach in San Francisco.
I’m totally intrigued by this concept and I love it. Anyone have firsthand experiences with the Shabbat Tent that they wanna share?