Cookies, that is. Seems that the bad folks at Brynwood Partners, owners of Stella D’oro, aren’t taking the NLRB decision that they’ve screwed over the 134 workers at their Bronx factory lying down. From the JM Times:

Last week, a federal judge ordered Stella D’oro to reinstate 134 workers after a protracted 10-month strike. This week, the company invited the workers back. It also announced that it would close the factory in October.”
“The decision to close the Bronx bakery operations has not been made in haste or without significant planning,” a statement from the management said. Operations will be moved elsewhere and the products would continue, the statement said.

Ah yes. They had plenty of time to figure out how to shutter this factory and move it elsewhere, by refusing to bargain with the union for 10 months and then, easily plan their escape. This looks like a pretty standard union-busting move here: demand massive pay concessions that you know are not fair, and either you get them and break the union, or you get enough cover to plan a move elsewhere and break the union.
Also, important to note that the NLRB administrative law judge ruled the company refused to bargain fairly with the union. And there is no punishment for them leaving these 134 workers out to dry. No penalty strong enough to compel them to treat their workers with respect. This same attitude towards is workers is just another example of why we need labor law reform like the Employee Free Choice Act. If it was easier to organize around the country, this tactic would be less effective.
One thing’s for sure: Stella D’Oro joins Disney and Coke on my treyf list.