Back in February, I briefly mentioned Stereo Sinai, a Chicago-based band creating contemporary music based on Hebrew scripture. They bill their music as “Biblegum Pop,” and at the time, I wrote:

Stero Sinai I will admit to being a little disappointed to discover that their songs are more Lisa Loeb than Leslie Gore, but taken on their own terms the songs are really lovely.

I’ve been mulling over this for a while, and I want to reclaim the term Biblegum Pop in the name of actual Bubblegum Pop artists who wrote songs on Biblical themes. Here’s to you, Neil Sedaka!

Unfortunately, my knowledge of bubblegum pop isn’t quite as deep as my knowledge of showtunes, and well, I can’t find a youtube clip of Cole Porter’s song about Solomon (trust me, it’s a doozy!), but I digress. Maybe all you people out there in internet-land can help me out. Surely Neil Sedaka isn’t the only bubble-gum pop artist to have written or recorded a song based on a Bible story. Help me build a playlist!