Update to Canadian Conservatives Woo the Jews:

Leading members of the Jewish community – many identified as Liberals – have sent a letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper asking him to withdraw a taxpayer-funded Conservative flyer that they say portrays the Liberal Party as anti-Semitic.
…. “We find it highly disturbing that any party or parliamentarian would attempt to use Israel as a wedge to divide the Jewish community and, indeed, Canadians, for partisan gain,” the letter says.
“Support for Israel should not be portrayed as exclusive to one party. The Liberal Party has a history of support for Israel, working co-operatively and effectively with the Canadian-Jewish community and speaking and acting against terrorism.” [Globe and Mail.]

The letter can be viewed in full at The Globe and Mail. Note that the article picks up on the ridiculousness of the Tories trying to claim that one party is more pro-Israel than another, but does not pick up on the fact that Jews can have multiples opinions on Israel. Note that the letter also ignores the latter, and urges all political parties to “stand behind [Israel].”
Still, I just don’t understand why they didn’t ask me to sign… Aren’t I prominent enough?