Leah Berkenwald has an interesting piece up at Jewesses with Attitude about “What’s a Coastie?”, the latest YouTube hit from the University of Wisconsin. Guess what, Coasties are out-of-state rich Jewish girls from the East Coast…

I know it was totally a surprise.
Anyway I suggest reading it along with the AP article, the Heeb quip and the Sisterhood response all embedded in the JWA post.
All of these articles and blog posts aren’t sure how to deal with the music video. Does it cross the line? Maybe. Is it anti-Semitic? I am sure the ADL would say so but the rest of the Jewish community might laugh it off.
I personally find the Heeb response to be closest to core of the “problem” if you could call it that. It notes:

“In fact, the majority of the student body, hailing from the rural Midwest, have little or no direct exposure to Jews in their upbringing and sadly, their bite-sized understanding of our culture gets boiled down to a pair of fuzzy boots and  Lawng Aylind accent.”

So, what do you think?