No. It isn’t a joke…but it might be soon. Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, public relations guru relationship expert and Kosher sex marketer, is running for office because he doesn’t like that he lives in a free country.
Now that isn’t completely fair to the good rabbi. Rabbi Boteach is mad that his next door neighbor is the Libyan ambassador to the United Nations.
JTA Reports:

In an opinion piece published Thursday by JTA, Boteach said he was outraged that Libya’s U.N. ambassador, Abdurrahman Mohamed Shalgham, was permitted to take up residence in Englewood, N.J. The rabbi, best known for his book “Kosher Sex” and counseling the late pop star Michael Jackson, said that having the diplomat as his next-door neighbor has him angry enough to launch a career in politics.
“For the first time in my life, I find myself contemplating a run for elective office. The reason is simple: The Talmud declares, ‘In a place where there are no men stand up and become one,'” Boteach wrote in his JTA Op-Ed. “If Gadhafi’s envoy remains my next-door neighbor with the tacit blessing of my elected leaders, I will do my best to unseat them by every legal means necessary.”
This summer, Boteach played a lead role in the successful campaign to keep Libyan leader Muammar Gadhafi from staying at the Libyan-owned property in Englewood during the U.N. General Assembly. But Shalgham recently moved to the property, according to a report in the New Jersey Jewish Standard. Read More

Please take the time to snicker under your breath. Done? Great. Let us take a look at his platform.
Outside of fighting international law, Boteach will be fighting for “school-choice” aka taking public money and giving it to religious schools. He says he is a “passionate advocate of school-choice” continuing with the tried and true complaint of rightwing-public-education¬-hating-wing of the Republican party, “Religious parents in my area, both Jewish and non-Jewish, can no longer afford the astronomical New Jersey real estate taxes, not a penny of which goes to their children’s education.”
As school districts are facing massive budget cuts and teacher layoffs, shouldn’t we do everything we can to support this system? You want to make the choice to send your kids to day-school or yeshiva, gey gezundt. I am not paying for it.
Public education in this country must once again be the great equalizer and by divesting cash from the funding sources around the country all we will do is ensure that the next generation of children will be further behind, less prepared to lead and inadequately trained to be the firefighters, doctors, police officers and (wait for it) elected officials of tomorrow.
That gets me to my second point: Boteach has NO experience for this job. He didn’t run a business. He isn’t a lawyer. He isn’t a community organizer (well sort of but still). He is a professional personality with a rabbinical degree. Let’s be fair here: how many rabbis do you know that shouldn’t be running organizations, let alone running for office?
My hope is that this situation is that it will be farcical and won’t turn into a shundah fur de goyim.