@sarahleah770's Twitter profile picture.
@sarahleah770's Twitter profile picture.
I’m not going to chronicle the entirety of the tweet-battle I just had with David Appletree of the JIDF and some other like-minded people.  I don’t do those things so I can gloat about them later.
However, I do think it’s necessary to point out a few choice tweets that I received during the whole affair, which to me represent the righteous, holier-than-thou attitude that these right-wingers tend to bring to this issue.  In no particular order:

@sarahleah770: @renaissanceboy it isn’t me – it is Torah. And respect for the Sages and Rabonim. And acceptance that there is nothing other than Hashem.
@JIDF: @renaissanceboy  no, you don’t, or else you’d comprehend the fact that i speak the truth and don’t take that label lightly.
@sarahleah770: @renaissanceboy we don’t differ on anything. u r a jew? i am a jew! torah non negotiable.

Look, I have no quarrel with people with significantly more conservative religious and/or political opinions than me.  In fact, I tend to learn from them, as I do from anyone who has a different opinion.  Hence, I seek out respectful discussions because I find that I always walk away knowing more than I did before I started.  David Appletree and Sarah Leah clearly don’t have that M.O.  Fine by me, but it does need to be said that they also don’t contribute anything to the discussion by refusing to engage anyone except on “you are one of us and therefore infallible” or “you are a terrorist-empathizing, anti-semitic, radical-islamist-rationalizing, Israel-hating uneducated liar” terms.

I think of this comic a lot.
I think of this comic a lot.
It’s certainly attractive to boil down complex problems into simple “us-and-them” soundbites, and Twitter is an ideal platform for doing so.  The problem of oversimplifications in politics is certainly not a new one, but it’s taken on a different face with the rise of social networking.
The result of today’s altercation was that JIDF blocked me on Twitter, and then continued to trash me.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with the mechanics of Twitter, if someone blocks you, it means that you don’t see when they “mention” you (put your username in one of their tweets).  By doing this, David has demonstrated that he cares more about making cheap strawman attacks behind my back than discussing real issues (in case anyone didn’t know that already).

@jidf: i’m concerned about my grandmother suffering w/ cancer, chemo, diabetes & @renaissanceboy harasses me about labeling terror supporters

David, if you’re reading this, I’m honestly and truly sorry to hear of her sickness.  I also have a grandmother with a degenerative disease, and I feel your pain.  It’s not something I’d wish on anyone.  Period.
But this?

@jidf: @renaissanceboy what part of “go away” do you not understand? i know children with more common sense and morality than you.
@jidf: the fact that @jewschool_com lets a child like @renaissanceboy blog on it is further indication what a anti-Israel joke the site is.

Mr. Appletree, before you go accusing people of resorting to childish and ignorant tactics to give the semblance of winning an argument, take a look in the mirror.