So, it turns out that Erev Rosh Hodesh (coming at you live the ides of March, in the evening) is a special time in the Jewish year.  Thanks to a email, poor, sad, and unmarried girls like me got this stunning message, about this time of “significant opportunity for salvation and success.”  Start filling up those hope chests, because yeshiva bochers all around Israel will be praying so that all the single ladies don’t die alone!   That’s right.  They’ll put a ring on it, if you ring them.  Someone order a cheese platter, this is going to be quite the Hodesh Tov. Put a ring on it
Whether or not this has some sort of Torah or Talmud backing, I cannot say.  I am just a meek woman who knows not the glory of the true word that this yeshiva will use to find me a husband.  B-f***ing-H, as I like to say.
Their photographic list of geonim is impressive, at least in terms of the amount of time it must have taken them to grow their beards.  I wonder if your husband – or mine (of blessed memory) – can be found under the black hats, or woven into the fabric of their all-day prayer shawls.
All you have to do is call 1-800-451-3656, or, internationally, 1-646-395-9544.  Those shlitas will get right on task in praying about the poor unmarried women who take the time (and cell phone billable minutes) to call and ask for a hussun.  Call me crazy (do it – I dare you!), but maybe these unmarried women should take the time to talk to men they might want to marry instead.
IF (and if I could actually represent my feelings visually, those letters would be dripping with a venom that would burn the inside of your monitor once they appear) these kollel kids from Ateret Shlomo (how nice of them to link RIGHT to their donation page so dangerous my office blocked it (if you want a hubby, you gots to pay!)) want to pray for husbands for the unwed, and IF (again, with the sarcasm) they think it will make a difference, then by all means.  Feel free to waste your power on some virgins.
How about praying for adequate food for all?  How about a stop in climate change?  How about no more destructive natural disasters this year?
My cousin once told me that prayer works, just not in the way that we want it to (oh, to have faith like that…). She said that was why there were so many babies born the same day that my future husband passed away. A hard pill to swallow, for sure, but it gives me an idea.  Maybe if these dudes pray for the unmarried women who call, then maybe the natural disasters will stop happening?
Best of luck, bochers.  Bring it on!