For many, the idea of an Israeli civil marriage may seem an oxymoron, and not just in religious terms. Still, for those in the latter category whose godlessness, sloth, or attitude toward Rabbinocracy might have sent them to Cyprus, there is good news.
JTA reports that Knesset passed a Civil Union bill. By a substantial margin no less. Now mind you, this is a victory for the GLBT community as well, which often had to rely on a loophole for partner rights when it came to property, inheritance, and what not.
So, kol hakavod for a step forward. I don’t want to think about the political price that may be paid for this (one hopes it isn’t tied to some new conversion acceptance policy). But for the moment, progress. Who’d have thought that this day would come, amidst the Knesset’s notorious acrimony, bickering and partisanship?
Who knows, maybe non-Orthodox Jewish weddings will be next…