Hey Professor, didn’t anyone ever tell you in school to raise your hand before speaking?

Hadar Susskind, J Street’s policy director, was being interviewed at the gathering by a Haaretz reporter when, according to the reporter, none other than Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz “broke in to the conversation with a verbal onslaught against the group.”

Thus reports Tablet Magazine on the latest update in Dershowitz’s thrilling fight against the evil, anti-Israel J Street.

Arguing that J Street “shouldn’t call themselves pro-Israel,” he accused them of prioritizing certain policy positions over others to cast Israel in a negative light. Noting that he, like J Street, opposes settlements, he nonetheless maintained, “But I spend 80 percent of my time supporting Israel.”

Yeah, Dershy!  Hit those anti-Israel punks right where it hurts!  Seriously, though, this is just pathetic.  Compare this kind of angry and reflexive rant to Susskind’s measured and reasonable response:

In response, Susskind told the reporter: “We have disagreements with AIPAC that I don’t want to minimize. But we are all on the same side.”

It should be totally obvious who’s reasonable here and who’s not.