Just when you thought you’ve seen every kitsch Passover-related item this year, here is one more  from across the pond. At first I thought it was a farce, but the prices at the bottom of the screen make me inclined to believe that this is indeed a real product available for sale. What’s more, this dude has a pretty wicked accent. 90 NIS to anyone who correctly identifies where he’s from.

For the benefit of those who don’t speak Hebrew, I am including below a transcript of this ad so you can follow along:

The Ravco Company presents: The Redemptive Reclining Device
When the night of the Seder arrives, we, along with our whole family, gather around the table. We are obligated to drink four cups of wine; we are obligated to eat matzah; we are obligated to eat korech–and all of this while reclining.  And also the afikomen!  How can one do this correctly? How can one do this without disturbing others? Without spilling wine on the person next to you? How can you eat matzah without dropping crumbs all over the floor?
I’ve always had a problem. You can’t lean on the table, and leaning back on the chair is really uncomfortable.  It hurts my whole body!!!
This year, there is a solution: The Redemptive Reclining Device! One click and you connect to any chair or seat, allowing you to recline in complete perfection. A mechayeh!