There’s a tiny little party in the WZO called the Green Zionist Alliance. I gather that their rather niche platform allows them to get a lot done because no one is opposed to it enough to, say, storm the podium singing Hatikvah and stalling all of the WZC’s business for a full day.
And because they cause no podium-storming, they get to pass cool resolutions like these:

Saving water and energy
Given the limited water and energy resources of Israel, this resolution calls for saving water and energy in Israel by calling on KKL-JNF, the World Zionist Organization (WZO) and the Jewish Agency For Israel (JAFI) to:

  • Transition to energy-efficient lighting in their offices and fuel-efficient vehicles;
  • Install energy-generating solar panels and rainwater-savings systems on the rooftops of their buildings.

Abating climate change
This resolution deals with issues that can help abate climate change through action in Israel, such as by requiring the Congress itself and the travel of its participants to be carbon offset through carbon-mitigating projects in Israel.
Integrating immigrants into Israeli society
This resolution calls for JAFI to incorporate environmental education as part of the immigrant experience.
Food justice
This resolution aims to attempt to better influence Israeli society and make the Congress an exemplar event through its food procurement.

I like this because these are just plain good things. No one loses, everybody wins. There’s no political reason to oppose these things. They’re just good. And news that’s just good is in short supply when it comes to Israel. So yeah. Good news.