This week our country has finally woken up to the epidemic of gay teen suicide. Don’t be fooled by the media into thinking there’s been a sudden uptick in queer kids killing themselves — this has been going on for far too long. But for whatever reason, now people are starting to notice.
Dan Savage and his husband Terry have launched a YouTube project collecting videos from adult queer people to reassure kids out there that It Gets Better. There are aspects of the project that don’t entirely sit right with me, but I think it’s a good starting response. It’s worth pointing out that while this project is called “It Gets Better,” there is a different, youth-led project itself is called “Make It Better,” which should really be our goal. Because it only gets better if we all work hard to make it better.
Here’s my video, Jewschool. If you’re making one, please share a link in the comments. And if you’re a queer kid out there who feels alone, maybe Jewschool can be the start of a new community for you. Start making it so by leaving a message in the comments to this post.