jf-img_6105-uAuthor and feminist powerhouse Jaclyn Friedman is currently on a delegation with the Nobel Women’s Initiative, traveling around Israel, Gaza and the West Bank, meeting women on both sides of the conflict involved in peacemaking work.
Jaclyn wrote from Ramallah:

Once again, I find myself strangely hopeful, despite the odds. Not because I think it will be easy to achieve any of what needs to be done. But because if these women, living in these circumstances, can find the strength to be hopeful enough to keep working to create the communities and lives they deserve, it would be a grand betrayal for me to not hope and work alongside them.

And, happily, there are plenty of places for us to hear what they’re talking about: Here‘s the Nobel Women’s Initiative blog with all the participants’ reflections on what’s happening; here‘s Jaclyn’s travel accounts at Feministing; here‘s a liveblog of a conversation with Palestinian and Israeli women peace activists in Nazareth. And she’ll be liveblogging her dinner with the International Women’s Commission starting at 12:15 EST TODAY, so ch-ch-check it out.