Hey New York friends,
Workers from the Flaum’s Kosher Foods plant will be speaking tonight at an Uri L’Tzedek Beit Midrash about their experiences at the plant and what the Jewish community can do to make change.
A little background: Flaums’ is a Satmar owned kosher food maker that for years was in violation of wage law for dozens of its employees (60-80 hour weeks with no overtime, some workers working below minimum wage, etc)… The workers tried to raise their concerns with the management and were all illegally fired. The workers took them to court, and the National Labor Relations Board and the Second Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in their favor, fining the company $300,000 in back pay. However, the company is stalling payment. That’s where we (and you if you can make it) come – we’re trying to put some communal pressure on Flaum’s to pay what they owe the workers in back wages. For more info, read this Forward article.
Come tonight and we’ll learn some Torah around workers’ rights and Jewish law, in addition to hearing from some of the workers themselves. The event is happening at 7:30 PM, at the Drisha Institute. 37 w. 65th street, 5th floor