Jewish, New York — In a surprise move another group of Reform Jews came out not so much in support of Rabbi Rick Jacobs, who has recently endured attacks over his approach to Zionism, but rather against Jews Against Divisive Leadership.
“All of a sudden there is this ad in the print edition of the Jewish paper and we are supposed to see that?” asks youth leader David Stern-Cohen-Burg, a member of Congregation Peace Love and Tzedek who is heading up Jewish Community Members Against Jews Against Divisive Leadership. “But when JTA published that divisive op-ed the other day and it popped up in my Twitter feed, I couldn’t get a group together fast enough through Facebook so I had to actually email a bunch of people.”
This group, mostly of younger Jews who fit into the models that have been presented after actual research (and not edict from traditional community leaders) that note young Jews have trouble associated with a more theocratic and anti-Arab Israel, have called upon the 35 member strong organization against divisiveness, to “shut up.”
“We don’t agree with how these people think on one topic so we don’t want them in a position of leadership,” said Stern-Cohen-Burg. “Since when does a minority opinion mean anything in Judaism anyway?”
JADL has lamented that the URJ would choose someone with unimpeachable congregational and community credentials to lead a congregational organization that focuses on building Jewish community in North America, according to the above mentioned JTA op-ed.
Jews Against Divisive Leadership couldn’t be reached for comment because they are not a real organization but rather a group of about 35 people across the country with significant reading comprehension issues. According to the resume dismissed by JADL in the JTA op-ed, Rabbi Jacobs “served as a member of the boards of ARZA and the World Union for Progressive Judaism [and] in 2000, he was named the recipient of ARZA’s International Humanitarian Award for his dedication to strengthening the relationship between Israel and the Reform Movement in North America.”
JCMAJADL stated during its only public interview it will dissolve upon achieving its goal of a hypocrisy free Jewish community organization structure.