Founded 1897, The Jewish Daily Forward is the only publication that I can safely say that I have read with the same regularity as my grandfather. Of course, when he read it, it was in printed on broadsheet, published daily and had a local Chicago edition. In Yiddish.
100 years after he landed on America’s shores and picked up a copy, I read at least one article from it daily, sent to me in e-mail or via rss and viewed online or via tablet. I read it in English. Suffice it to say, The Forward is still relevant, and since I read it daily, can once more safely be called a daily.
It has a new look online (Lookey lookey) and the publication has a new blog focused on news analysis called, cleverly, Forward Thinking, which I plan to check out regularly. Kudos. Oh, and if you want to read Forverts in Yiddish on your iPad, you can.