In protest of the anti-free speech “boycott law” the Knesset passed last week, we will begin chronicling here any time boycotts are used for other purposes by Israelis. Our first submission below, a poster from Israel in 1938 calling on Israeli Jews to boycott Palestinian Arab products. (Hat tip Harvey Stein)
Speaking of boycotts, check out the new Israeli boycott campaign against opening a McDonald’s at Masada. And, yes, under the new law, McDonald’s corporation can now sue any Israeli who “likes” that Facebook page. As a friend of mine suggested, perhaps the Judean zealots “committed Supersize” rather than be killed by the Romans. (Hat tip Heeb.)
Israeli boycott of Arab goods, circa 1938

Translation: [See Uri’s comment below for the detailed translation.] BOYCOTT BOYCOTT! (POSTER FROM 1938 URGING JEWISH BOYCOTT OF PALESTINIAN ARAB GOODS)
Text translation–
(Red letters, top): Eat only canned food produced in the land of Israel
(Black letters, middle) Tons of fruits and vegetables are process by “Primazon” and “Tnuva” and other factories. Also sea and kineret fish are processed and canned by “Primazon”.

The canning industry has achieved high standards and its products are well known for their excellent quality and hygienic processing.

Red letters, bottom: Eat only Israeli canned food!
Black letters, bottom: The Society for Israeli products.
Artist/Designer/Photograph​er: Lydia Wolpert
Year: 1938
Language: Hebrew
Publisher: Association for Products of Eretz Israel