This is Mercaz’ get out the vote video in the elections for the upcoming World Zionist Congress. This video makes clear what elections are about. As Rabbi David Golinkin says (2:15 and on in the above video) its about the money. The more delegates Mercaz (or any other party) has in the WZC, the larger piece of the pie they get. This divides the pie equitably, in a representative fashion, amongst all the citizen groups in Israel. Oh right. Unless you are not Jewish. Or Zionist.
The WZC which was established before the the creation of the State of Israel, has—as bureaucratic organizations tend to do—refused to die even though there is a State of Israel. It is now a quasi-governmental forum of the quasi-governmental body, The Jewish Agency. The Jewish Agency funds settlements in Israel and in Palestine, and decides who can live in those settlements.
So, in sum, voting in the World Zionist Congress elections means participating in an organization which makes decisions that effect the entire population of the State of Israel, but, by definition excludes the Palestinian-Israeli population.
Why would I want to do that?