So … I made a podcast.

As you may know if you’ve been following along, there are two things that I am passionate about. Social justice activism, and studying and teaching Talmud. (Okay there are a bunch of other things but they are not relevant at the moment.) This past December a world wide movement of people studying Talmud finished the seven year cycle of studying a page a day to finish studying the whole Talmud. This is called the daf yomi or “daily page.” So now you are asking yourself: How can I get some of this great Talmud action without the overwhelming obligation of a page a day? Or maybe you’re asking yourself: What is Talmud? Both totally legitimate questions.
Which is where my new podcast project comes in.
Welcome to the no prerequisites, no judgement, no commitment Talmud study podcast. Grab your favorite beverage, or step into the great outdoors, and dive into the sea of Talmud with me. (Talmud is the cornerstone text of the Jewish tradition which, to the uninitiated reads like a rabbi, a law professor, a philosopher, and yogi went on a long weekend and someone recorded them. However, to the initiated, there is more order and depth to the seeming madness.)
“Give me forty minutes or so and I’ll give you a daf (page of talmud) or so” is available here and all the places (Apple podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher).
I’m looking forward to learning with you,