So back in the old days, a few months ago, before the plague, I started a weekly daf podcast. When I migrated from Soundcloud to the podcast platform Buzzsprout I described the project this way:

I know that all the cool kids are jumping on to the daf yomi bandwagon. However, if you are looking for something a bit more mellow, a bit more curated, less a part of the rough and tumble of the daf yomi speedway—I invite you to daf shvu’i, a weekly page of Talmud. In about 40-50 minutes you can learn a page of Talmud. No previous experience required.

Well, last week we finished the first chapter, and to celebrate I asked Alyssa Gray to join me for a conversation about her new book Charity in Rabbinic Judaism (which is a chunk of the first chapter) and to learn a bit of Talmud together. Its was a blast and it is worth the listen IMHO. (It is also a great time to subscribe to the pod which comes out more or less weekly.)

You can here the episode here or you can find it (Daf shvui/ Weekly daf) on Apple podcasts, Spotify, or Stitcher. Enjoy.