Okay so now that all the hullabaloo around the daf yomi is settling down, and you’re thinking to yourself: “Where can I get a more curated experience? Perhaps a daf a week that goes deep but doesn’t go on forever? That is learned but is also great if you haven’t studied Talmud before? That has all the Hebrew/Aramaic, but everything is translated? And has fake ads?” Well the answer is: Daf Shvui / Weekly Daf: Give Me Forty Minutes or so and I’ll Give You a Daf or So.

This is a great week to start listening to the podcast. Stories of R. Bena’ah, a Palestinian Sage, and his encounters with Abraham, and Adam, while marking gravesites. Also bit of a tussle between a dead rabbi and a Magian who wants to move him. And R. Bena’ah again as the Solomonic answerer of riddles.