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The End of the Jews

This spring, JDub expanded its work into literature with Adam Mansbach’s novel, The End of the Jews. We took this on because we really loved this book. If you haven’t read it yet, i highly suggest you add it to…

We knew this day would come

There were many times when we worried that one move too far into the mainstream, one step beyond the very traditional bounds of the Orthodox world, could bring a ban on a certain very tall Hasid. We took a lot…

Socalled Video Premiere!

Shavua tov to all. With much fanfare, JDub is proud to present the premiere of Socalled’s You Are Never Alone video. Look forward to your thoughts, comments, and pass-along support.

Samberg is my hero

come on, this is genius (and the link is working again!)… UPDATE: apparently, my hero might have sampled a guy named Aphex Twin. Which is causing some trouble for folks like us who want to watch it on repeat.

Daniel Sieradski