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Telling Our Stories

Many, many of us have experienced sexual assault in some form or another. Many of us have experienced it multiple times, in multiple ways. Some of us feel traumatized, some not. Some were blatant abuses of power--bosses, mentors, donors.

A Bissele Mishegaas

Sarah Palin is the victim of a blood libel! Or um, maybe? Depending on what blood libel means? Religious Zionist Rabbi Dov Lior says that women shouldn’t use non-Jewish sperm in IVF because it leads to “barbaric offspring.” Also, children…

Masorti Gets Sassy

The Masorti movement (the Israeli and generally non-North American arm of the Conservative movement) is bringing out the snark a bit with a new ad campaign to address the issue of government stipends for yeshiva students in Israel. They’ve put…

Daniel Sieradski