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Israel Unveils “Big Brother” Unit

A7 reports, The cabinet has approved the establishment of a special unit to combat incitement and public disruptions in protest of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s disengagement plan. […] The government decision stipulates that the unit will be responsible for, “legal…

Dollar Yomi

AP: A new approch to adult kiruv has one midwest synagogue paying $150 to atendees of their “Learn, Earn, and Lead” program. Don’t expect to see this kind of thing anytime soon at the Hineni center.

Funky Chicken Warning

Consumer Reports‘ March 2005 issue warns that some Empire Kosher chicken may be contaminated with Listeria, leading to listeriosis, a potentially serious or fatal illness. The scoop: 5,760 pounds of chicken products made from Aug. 10, 2004, to Dec. 5,…

Iraq: Not A Fan Of Shabbos

News Limited reports, Hundreds of Iraqi students have demonstrated to protest a government decision to extend the weekend to include Saturday, denouncing the scheme as a “Zionist plot”. Irate high school students marched through Baquba, northeast of Baghdad, denouncing outgoing…

NK’s At It Again

Various members of Neturei Karta showed up to a conference in Lebanon yesterday, sharing a stage with Hamas and Hizbollah and decrying the existence of the Jewish state. Ready to have your head explode? Click here.

Daniel Sieradski