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Couting the Homer

JVibe writes, “As part of our Passover preparations, [we]’d like to remind you delete all the cookies from your computer.” Har har. Once your hard drive is chametz-free, join everyone’s favorite prime-time doofus, Homer J. Simpson, in Counting the Omer.

The Dark Arts

The Robots Have Feelings Too group art show, currently taking place through May 18th at Culture Cache Gallery in San Francisco, spotlights many brilliant modern artists (whose works you can peruse on their website), my favorite of which being event…

Loshn Codfish

Welp, apparently no one’s reading Jewschool, cuz I’ve been asked why I haven’t posted anything about the talking fish about a dozen times now. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it’s true… A New Square chosid claims that a fish spoke end-time…

The Burning Bush?!

“In JP, as in other porn, large-breasted and well-tanned women pose and perform sexual acts. Except here, the women are Hebrews, recipients of the Law at Sinai, the women who sang with Miriam at the parting of the Red Sea,…

Pitch In!

Running this site by myself is a bit much cuz I don’t have a constant influx of content…Once again I ask, if anyone’s interested in being a contributor, please be in touch.

Daniel Sieradski