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Jewish culture on Kickstarter, today

A couple of interesting Kickstarter projects of Jewish interest. Makings – Songs from Tillie Olsen’s Journals is a musical project created by the grandson of the left-wing Jewish author of, most famously, Tell Me a Riddle. (Background info from Jewish Currents, Jewish…

A quiet Netanyahu/Lieberman diplomatic victory

Among the contributions of Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu to the Israel-Palestinian peace process was introducing the demand, as a precondition for resuming peace talks, that the Palestinians recognize Israel as a Jewish state. The Palestinians rejected this pre-condition; explanations…

Mountain Day

Lawrence Bush, editor of Jewish Currents and author of Waiting for God: The Spiritual Reflections of a Reluctant Atheist, has produced another video for Arthur Waskow’s Shalom Center. This one is about revelation, and is titled “Mountain Day”:

Remembering Trotsky

Lawrence Bush’s daily Jewdayo email reminds us that Marxist revolutionary Leon Trotsky (Lev Davidovich Bronstein) was fatally wounded by an assassin in Mexico on this date in 1940. After years of activism and imprisonment, Trotsky helped to lead the 1917…

Daniel Sieradski