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Hasidic Neighborhood Watch Comes Under Fire

It looks like putting up an eruv is the least of worries for Williamsburg’s chosidishe community. The Brooklyn neighborhood’s Latino community is deeply concerned with abuses of power by the local Shomrim (otherwise known as the Williamsburg Saftey Patrol Unit), a NYPD-sanctioned neighborhood watch composed of Hasidic volunteers, similar in organization to...

Ain’t Much To Go Around

“It’s really mixed. Either you’ve got some foundations saying that absolutely, we have to be giving more because people are having a hard time, or others are saying our assets have been really crushed by the stock market and we’re not giving.” Jewish non-profits feel the crunch of a failing economy.

Memories of Snatch

“Whether you like the classics of Fiddler on the Roof or the more modern Eurovision winner Dana International, the UK’s first and only Jewish ringtone and logo service is bringing the Jewish flavour to mobile phone users.”

Plotz Exhibit in Philly!

My wife, the gorgeous and inimitable Barbara Rushkoff, will be exhibited starting this Friday night at the Philadelphia Jewish Museum. We’ll both be there at the opening, Friday evening, to celebrate. Come if you can!

Frank Fiction

Widely popular on the Internet since the early days of Usenet, fan fiction is a genre of literature in which fans of a particular film, television show, or book, create original stories that sort of pick up where their obsession left off, using the same characters and settings as the works to...

Fuel for the Left

Likely to further cement the radical-Left’s disdain for the Israeli government, and perhaps bolster quite a few “Zionist Campaign Against Iraq” conspiracy theories*, the US is now brokering a deal to run a pipeline from Iraq to Israel. The proposed Haifa pipeline would of course strengthen Israel’s energy market as well as...

Why should she quit now?

Having helped master the art of cashing in on Kabbalah, the material girl herself, Madonna—recently depicted wrapping tefillin in a music video*—is now writing Kabbalistic children’s books. “Now I’m starting to read to my son, but I couldn’t believe how vapid and vacant and empty all the stories were,” said the singer....

Prominent Jewish Educator Arrested

One month after delivering a speech at a Harvard Square church on reconciliation in the Middle East, Jewish educator Martin Federman is facing charges of trespassing and disorderly conduct at a synagogue where the Rev. Pat Robertson was speaking about his support for Israel. Federman, cochairman of Visions of Peace with Justice... “The Site that can turn back time”

A collaboration of both United Jewish Israel Appeal and,, a site operated out of the UK, aims to serve as a meeting point for reconnecting with your Jewish buddies from Hebrew school, synagogue, university, Israel trips, and more. Unfortunately, when I tried to join, there was a severe lack of...

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