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א שיינעם פורים מיט רעכטפארטיקע הערצער

Have a Beautiful Purim with a Righteous Heart from all of your Comrades at Jewschool.
Children in Purim Costume (pictured above), at the S.M. Gurewicz high school in Vilna, 1933. Note the two Native Americans complete with headdress and bow and arrow, two Gypsy girls complete with timbrels and beads and various other ethnographic costumes. Who are you dressing up as?

4 thoughts on “א שיינעם פורים מיט רעכטפארטיקע הערצער

  1. I’m going as KFJ. I’m gonna dust out my 12 year old tae kwon do uniform and save up my moral outrage all of shabbos. I haven’t picked what I will unload it all on, yet, but I’m thinking it will be livable wages and benefits for the servants my shul will use for our Purim party.

  2. I meant it with admiring jest. And I thought I felt your gaze last night, you old fool! Stop watching me, for your own good. One of these nights you’ll fall off that tree ledge outside my window and I don’t have liability insurance. The haunting eyes of your book’s cover are already beside my bed. What more do you want?

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