18 thoughts on “1 dead, 5 shot at Jewish Federation of Seattle

  1. When a guy who hates Israel decides to go kill some Jews, then maybe being anti-Israel is anti-semitic.

  2. Though I am Jewish I do not understand the Hebrew or Yiddish terms you use. Would it be possibe to translate them routinely in parenthesis?

  3. The response to this heinous crime appears to be pretty unanimous in its condemnation. Not that that should be a surprise or anything, but it’s worth noting. Some of the interfaith response is described in this Seattle Post Intelligencer article. CAIR and a group of Seattle Islamic leaders put out unequivocal condemnations.
    The one place I noticed some fucked up discussion was at the Seattle independent Media Center. Some of it was okay, but one person was saying that the attack wasn’t anti-Jewish but anti-Israel (as if Jews who don’t actively support Israel should just rest easy after a frigging Federation office is shot up). That was accompanied by someone allegedly from the right-of-Kahane Jewish Taksk Force and one other person using it to attack all Muslims as a danger.

  4. I just came back from work. One of the moroccan youths who works there with me said out loud, “the Jews should all be gassed”.
    Nobody cared because the store, a supermarket, was filled with other muslim youth and hindus who don’t really give a damn. And it was after closing time.
    This was in Holland by the way.

  5. CR,
    Thanks. I figured that this sort of thing would be a discussion starter for those who read jewschool, not a place where I could wax freedom fighter, intellectual or poetic. I would call the post concise, but not great.
    eefje bosnak,

  6. I just came back from work…
    Nobody cared because the store, a supermarket, was filled with other muslim youth and hindus who don’t really give a damn. And it was after closing time.
    This was in Holland by the way

    Nice to hear you’ve been working so hard on your background story, formermuslim.

  7. md – Israel goes and mass murders hundreds of people, while calling itself “The state of the Jewish people” and then diaspora Jews pay the price
    Is it the fault of the diaspora Jews? I’m not saying the psychopath isn’t guilty, but Israel certainly has more culpability than the Jews of Seattle

  8. A Jew in Seattle is killed in a hate-crime, and Israel is culpable???
    Do you also think that black people are partly to blame for racism and that the chick in the short-skirt “deserved it”? And if Jews weren’t so darn money-grubbing, there’d be a lot less anti-semitism, right?

  9. “Nice to hear you’ve been working so hard on your background story, formermuslim.”
    Well, I try to live my life.

  10. well… Robert Anton Wilson had tis horrible thing happen to him, where his youngest daughter, who’s just the sweetest, most loving and peaceful being in the world, is murdered by an angry drunken fella of Native American descent.
    And he’s musing, wow, the guy that killed my daughter probably felt like he was striking a blow against the white man for all the oppression that they did him.
    Now, it’s could be that in many of the altnernate realities where the white man never comes to the New World and kills anybody, that this same drunken indian might still have found a reason to kill innocent daughter…
    But in this universe, it’s still a consequence of earlier injustice.
    Alot of Lebanese children are probably going remember this incursion, and they might not be led to blame hezbollah for their dead uncles and friends as much as the country that actually dropped bombs on thier villiage.
    I think Israel’s military is going for “strike terror” as their bombing strategy, buut, what I think John Brown is saying, is that this the kind of thing that comes, not nessesarily just from general anti-semite madness, but an anger and hostility towards Jews that would not be there if Israel didn’t feel compelled to respond this way now and again.
    IT could they and he would, that really what was bothering him, this guy doing the shooting in seattle, was his wife not respecting him or something. But he saw fit to put that anger into the most righteous place he could think of wanting to kill.
    As opposed to, you know, going to prisons and killing convicted rapists or something.

  11. Actually, John Brown’s post is indicative of one of the splits in Judaism, and for that reason I am happy he made it. Are we one people, do we help each other out, do we constitute a single nation/family? It’s sort of like the 4 sons of Pesach – remember the one who says “you people”, thus estranging himself from the family? – There is a portion amongst us who find Judaism primarily a stain, a burden to be overcome, frought with bad associations. And there are those who love our fellow Jews, accept their burden as ours, and work for the entire nation’s betterment. Except for the religious, it’s pretty much up to the individual’s own temperment which route they follow. You can never win these arguments – I’ve given up trying,

  12. Dirrigible that’s a good question. Are we one people ?
    American Jews have always done everything for Israel. When all is said and done planted most of the trees in Israel, sent basically all the rifles used in the 1948 war, and continue to send billions and billions of dollars every year to Israel.
    Israel claims to act in the name of “The Jewish people”. What does Israel do for us in return other than to periodically make us look *really* bad, and than tell us it’s none of our business and that we “hate ourselves” if we try to have a say in the politics of the conflict ? If Israel is truly the state of “The Jewish people” then how can it not be our business ? If we’re going to get shot for it, doesn’t that make it our business?
    Do the Israelis accept our burdens as their own? Are they going to do anything at all to protect the Jews of the diaspora from the inevitable terror attacks on Jewish institutions that will be the indirect result of what they’re doing to the Lebanese ?

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