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101 Social Justice Passover Haggadot and Supplements

Jesse Rabinowitz lives in DC and works to end chronic homelessness through organizing, advocacy, and education. He is pursuing an MSW at Howard University. Jesse is involved with If Not Now, an emerging movement of young Jews organizing to end the American Jewish Community’s support for the occupation. Jesse worked for many years as a Jewish professional and is still passionate about harnessing Judaism to create a just and equitable world.

Social Justice Passover Seders

Holy friends,
Here is a list of Passover seder supplements, Haggadot, and articles. If you’d see a duplicate, or one that is missing, please let me know! My favorite is Love and Justice Haggadah (Jews for Racial and Economic Justice). What’s yours? I have not read all of these, so I cannot vouch for them.
A few traditions that I think are important

  • An orange on the seder plateA lock on the seder plate (mass incarceration)
  • An olive on the seder plate (Palestinian liberation)
  • A cup of water on the table for Miriam and women
  • A tomato on the seder plate for farm workers

Huge shout out to resources from Lefty Jews and so many other great places! Wishing you a happy and kosher passover. Looking forward to freedom and justice for all!

Racial Justice

JFREJ Black Lives Matter Hagaddah
Jews United for Justice Racial Justice Justice Haggadah
Jews for Racial and Economic Justice on Mass Incarceration
The Jewish Working Group to End the New Jim Crow: Crying Out Against Mass Incarceration
Exploring Common Ground (African American Task Force Seder, Milwaukee)
2014 Moishe Kavod House Haggadah Supplement Highlighting Mass Incarceration and Jobs
Not Jails


Jewish Voice for Peace Hagaddah, 2015
Legacies of Resistance (International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network)
After Exodus: Living the Lessons of Passover (Jews Against the Occupation)
JVP Haggadah 2012
Questioning at the Seder Table (Jewish Voice for Peace)
Jews Against the Occupation Hagaddah, 2005
JVP Four Questions, 2010
‘Four Questions’ (Jstreet)
Tikkun Supplement, 2010
Four Cups by Lynn Gottlieb
Plainfield Hagaddah: Liberation Sedar Hagaddah
Ten Drops of Redemption (Rabbis for Human Rights)

General Social Justice

Four Questions of Social Justice (AJWS)
Passover Social Justice Resources (Jewish Social Justice Network- with a portion by AVODAH “Disobeying Authority”, pg. 11)
American Jewish World Service Hagaddah Supplements and other Passover Resources
Wesleyan Hagaddah, 2010
1969 Freedom Seder (Shalom Center)

Public Health

The Plagues of Malaria (RAC)


The Stonewall Seder (Congregation B’nai Jeshurun Marriage Equality Hevre)
A Feminist and Queer Look on the Passover Sedar, 2009
Keshet’s 4 Questions: Four Allies, Four Questions
JQ International: GLBT Hagaddah, 2008
MaNishtana GLBTQ Haggadah
Different from All Other Nights: A Queer Passover Haggadah, Keshet 2013


The Ten Plagues of Domestic Poverty (AVODAH, 2014)
Domestic Worker’s Rights: A Matter of Ethics
Freedom Seder, Freedom Shabbat: Ending Modern Day Slavery (National initiative of ‘Not For Sale’ and the Jewish Abolitionist Movement)
T’ruah: A Tomato on the Seder Plate: Standing with the Farmworkers in their Struggle to Uproot Modern Day Slavery
Jews United For Justice: Labor Seder Hagaddah (focus on minimum wage)
Uri L’Tzedek: Food and Justice Hagaddah Supplement
Bean of Affliction: Chocolate, Child Labor and Choosing Fair Trade
Domestic Worker’s Rights: A Matter of Ethics
Tru’ah: On Fighting Modern Day Slavery
Jews United for Justice on Minimum Wage and Economic Justice


Many Ways to Tell Our Story (Jewish Orthodox Feminist Alliance)
A series of dynamic activities and rituals to incorporate into the seder – for young and old!
Jewish Women’s Archive: The Wandering is Over Haggadah
The Wandering is Over Haggadah (Jewish Women’s Archive)

Environment and Food Justice

Wine of Joy, Wine of Conscience (Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life)
Another Chad Gadya -inspired by Heifer International! (Pursue: Action for a Just World)
Let all who are hungry come and eat: The Child Nutrition Seder (Jewish Council on Public Affairs)
Bend the Arc Food Justice Hagaddah
Freedom Seder for the Earth (Shalom Center)


For We Were Strangers: An Immigration Supplement (Jewish Funds for Justice)
Immigrant Justice Freedom Seder (Jewish Council on Urban Affairs)
#JewsSayNot2Deportation: A Sedar in the Streets


A Passover Exercise Idea (David Wolkin)
Ask Big Questions “How do we free one another?” (Hillel International)

6 thoughts on “101 Social Justice Passover Haggadot and Supplements

  1. This is a nice list. To add a resource that has been available on the Web since 1996, consider “A Growing Haggadah”. It is inclusive of all the concerns mentioned above, while not being exclusively about any of them.
    In addition to it being naturalistic while not excluding God, it is Zionist, political, personal, multi-generational and non-Jew-welcoming. Other descriptors we’ve begun using are: “gender-inclusive”, “LGBTQ affirming” (and while maintaining the Hebrew, at least in English:) “anti-binary”.
    You can download the PDF here:
    Have a *liberating* פסח!

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