5 thoughts on “We're all just waiting for this madness to be done with.

  1. And your point in directing us to this phony-baloney art school photos romanticizing Palestinian nationalism is what?

  2. you’re right about one thing, unfortunately, palestinian nationalism is just a romance.
    my point? I thought it was a decent photo essay depicting palestinians. you disagree; or you think your sarcasm is kinda funny. too bad i don’t have such sophisticated taste. you sound like you’re in art school.

  3. A. What? Palestine? Where? Who? What’s that?
    B. Most fundamental fact of the Israeli-Arab conflict, today, pre-67, and pre-48: the source of this conflict is and has always been the Arabs’ refusal to accept any Jewish presence in (what has never been) “their” area, even at the cost of their own suffering.
    C. Most fundamental fact, #2: Israelis have always, always, always wanted peace. Only peace. We are not a belligerent nation, nor are we imperialist, or racist, or genocidal, or any other nonsensical term you may have heard Chomsky or Said use to describe us. We have no interest in Palestinian suffering. If you had ever taken the time to really understand Israel, its people, and its culture, you would know this. And you would also understand that we Israelis have become bitterly disillusioned with the situation resulting from fundamental fact #1. We tried diplomacy, we tried land for peace, we tried violence, we tried unilateral disengagement… what else is left? What else but the inescapable realization that the Arab world will accept nothing less than the complete destruction of the State of Israel.

  4. Nationalism aside, these pictures -especially the one of the father with his twin boys, one severely burned, powerfully depict the human cost of war and occupation. Does it matter who’s right or wrong? How tragic.

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