What to do when it gets cold

Were you trying to figure out how to be in a warm place, doing good work, with great people in late feburary 08? Are you considering it now? If so, then the following might be of interest:

Join Rabbi Brent Spodek and Tze’irim’s delegation to Guatemala with the American Jewish World Service! Before leaving, we will learn together about immigration legislation, remittance payments and CAFTA and then travel to Guatemala from Februay 17 – 24, 2008. When we return, we will work in partnership with a service or advocacy program to have a positive impact on issues effecting Central Americans. Until September 10, registration is open to current members of BJ aged 20-39 or young Jews who wish to become members of BJ before Rosh HaShona . If there are spaces in the program available after September 10, they will be available to Jews aged 20-39. For more information, please visit http://tinyurl.com/3c3uf7 or contact Amanda Schanfield at [email protected] or 212-787-7600 x233.

Many of us are familiar with AJWS and the good
work they do. Most importantly, perhaps, Brent kicks ass. This may keep the ice out of your hair.

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