130,000 Jews Form Human Chain From Gush Katif To Kotel

The biggest news in ha’aretz (er, the land, not the newspaper):

Over 130,000 people linked up in a 90 km human chain from Gush Katif to the Western Wall in Jerusalem to protest the disengagement plan Sunday evening.

Whether they agree or disagree with the protestor’s sentiment, one phrase has been on everyone’s lips—”Only in Israel. Only in Israel.”

3 thoughts on “130,000 Jews Form Human Chain From Gush Katif To Kotel

  1. damn and i thought the phrase goes- “only in new york”
    that chain is pretty incredible. and the metaphor is perfect. or as marx wrote – the only thing we’ve got to loose is our chains. sain people of israel unite!
    um, ok. so it doesnt sounds that dramatic. but u get the point.

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