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A Day Late and A Dollar Short…

But still, not too late to mention that:
Drifting around Manhattan a week ago, out of my usual haunts, I decided to ghost my way into Brooklyn to hang out with Matthue at the first Jewish Open Mic at the Tea Lounge. As promised, there were celebrity guests and a good time was had by all.
The Tea Lounge was very cozy, and comfortably fit far more people than you could be given to expect, and lots of locals popped in, apparently astounded by the odd mix of frummies, and hippies – not to mention babies being prepped for a life of rebellion – with tzitzit.
It was very cool to see quite a few of our favorite folks in person (not least our very own Matthue Roth and Y-Love)! Thanks to Shemspeed and Mimaamakim for putting out. Er, sponsoring.
BY the way, we now have evidence that at least two frummies are funny. We already knew that Yisrael Campbell is funny (he was funny even before he was Yisrael) and now we know that Frum Satire is, too. BTW, what’s with all the guys channeling Henny Youngman? Is that the new retro-chic? And when’s the next one?
Editor’s note: The next open mic will be July 23rd at 7:30pm tea lounge. Get there early to sign up on the list to perform!

One thought on “A Day Late and A Dollar Short…

  1. Hey thanks for the compliment- how about a link on the blogroll or an article about me- I am always looking for new audiences and Jewschool can provide and I can provide back.
    I have over 40 videos already and 160 subscribers- the next open mic I will be hosting so it should be interesting.

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