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Jews of Color Convening w/ Leo Ferguson & Hirut Eyob

It’s our ‘Chai’ episode, number 18! For the interview, we talked about the recent Jews of Color National Convening with conference organizer Leo Ferguson and Montreal activist Hirut Eyob. We were also joined by Josh Nathan Kazis, a staff writer at the Jewish Daily Forward, to talk about a growing scandal in New York City politics, reaching from the Mayor’s office to the orthodox communities of Borough Park and Williamsburg. This episode featured a description-free Shkoyach, with discussions of kosher labelling, kosher restaurant month, and the contentious subject of raisin challah. Finally, Aviva Stahl’s recent article for Alternet’s Grayzone Project was our recommendation for the week.
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*EDIT: during this week’s Shkoyach segment, David convinced Sam that COR stood for ‘Council of Orthodox Rabbis.’ This is incorrect. It appears that COR is not an acronym at all, instead a mysterious shorthand used by the Kashruth Council of Canada to label their certified products. Please direct all questions their way.

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