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#19: The End of Leftist Jewish Publishing in Canada

On this week’s episode, we’re joined by Carl Rosenberg, editor of Outlook Magazine, to talk about closing the doors on Canada’s last remaining leftist Jewish publication. We talk about Outlook’s final issue and the legacy he hopes they leave behind. We try to crowdsource a new tagline for the podcast, kicking off the #treyftagline twitter campaign – send us your ideas! We’re also joined by Hani Ghazi, organizer with Adalah NY, for a new instalment of BDS Watch Watch about NY Governor Cuomo’s recent executive order to criminalize BDS. Sam introduces our first listener-submitted Shkoyach and David tries to understand a confrontation between far-right activists and Israeli tourists in the Ukraine.
To see the show notes, please visit our website.
Since our last full episode, we’ve put out three shorts: An interview with the team behind Radio Free Babylonia, JVP’s Naomi Dann on the anti-BDS conference, and a discussion with Mark Tseng Putterman about the limits of the diversity framework. You can also subscribe to Treyf on your favourite podcast app.
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